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Analysis of Bee Population and the Relationship with Time 会议论文
Signals and Communication Technology, Singapore, Singapore, 2023-04-21
Authors:  Li, Muyang;  Liu, Xiaole;  Qi, Chen;  Liu, Lexuan;  Yang, Kai
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Prediction of Bee Population and Number of Beehives Required for Pollination of a 20-Acre Parcel Crop 会议论文
Signals and Communication Technology, Singapore, Singapore, 2023-04-21
Authors:  Jin, Yukun;  Wei, Tianyi;  Shi, Jingru;  Chen, Tingwen;  Yang, Kai
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An optimization method for aircraft attitude measurement based on contour matching 会议论文
Fourth International Conference on Geology, Mapping, and Remote Sensing, ICGMRS 2023, Wuhan, China, 2023-04-14
Authors:  Qin, Ruijiao;  Tang, Huijun
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Satellite Pose Measurement Using an Improving SIFT Algorithm 会议论文
Fourth International Conference on Computer Vision and Data Mining, ICCVDM 2023, Changchun, China, 2023-10-20
Authors:  Zhang, Renhao;  Zhou, Zuofeng
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Binocular Vision  Stereo Matching  Pose Measurement  
Optimization design of cooling system stability of double crystal monochromator 会议论文
International Conference on Frontiers of Applied Optics and Computer Engineering, AOCE 2024, Kunming, China, 2024-01-27
Authors:  Jiang, Bo;  Chu, Yuanbo;  Guo, Yifan;  Dong, Yiming
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Synchrotron radiation  monochromator  high stability  cooling pipe  
Fatigue mechanism analysis and life prediction model of piezoelectric ceramic tube based on fiber-optic nutator 会议论文
Fifth International Conference on Optoelectronic Science and Materials, ICOSM 2023, Hefei, China, 2023-09-22
Authors:  Peng, Bo;  Ruan, Ping;  Han, Junfeng;  Chang, Zhiyuan;  Han, Jingyu;  Wang, Jiahao;  He, Deqiu
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Blood Glucose Concentration Estimation by Raman Spectroscopy based on Particle Swarm Optimized SVR 会议论文
AOPC 2022: Optical Information and Networks, Virtual, Online, China, 2022-12-18
Authors:  Jing, Haonan;  Fan, Qi;  Gao, Chi;  Li, Yiru;  Fan, Bozhao;  Hu, Bingliang;  Feng, Yutao;  Wang, Quan
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blood glucose concentration estimation  Raman spectroscopy  support vector regression  particle swarm optimization  wavelet decomposition  sparse representation  Clark Error Grid  
Research on the Quantitative Process Technology of Tightening Torque of Optical lens Pressure ring 会议论文
Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies and Applications 2022; and 2nd International Forum of Young Scientists on Advanced Optical Manufacturing, AOMTA and YSAOM 2022, Changchun, China, 2022-07-29
Authors:  Fu, Xihong;  Kang, Shifa;  Jia, Xin;  Li, Shuo;  Cao, Mingqiang;  Ji, Bindong;  Zhao, Yue;  Shi, Yuanyuan
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Optical lens  Pressure ring  Tightening torque  Vibration  RMS  
Optimal Design of Rectangular Mirror Based on Topology and Size Optimization 会议论文
AOPC 2022: Infrared Devices and Infrared Technology; and Terahertz Technology and Applications, Virtual, Online, China, 2022-12-18
Authors:  Zeng, Aoxiong;  Li, Fu
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Lightweight  Rectangular Mirror  Finite Element Analysis  Topology Optimization  Size Optimization  
Design of Underwater Wireless Optical Communication and Radar Integrated System 会议论文
AOPC 2022: Atmospheric and Environmental Optics, Virtual, Online, China, 2022-12-18
Authors:  Li, Peng;  Yang, Haodong;  Wang, Shanglin;  Tu, Min;  Yan, Qiurong;  Han, Xiaotian;  Nie, Wenchao;  Chang, Chang;  Liao, Peixuan;  Wang, Wei
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communication and radar integration  high reliability communication  high precision radar imaging