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Ultrafast dynamics of high-contrast nano-grating formation on gold film induced by temporally shaped femtosecond laser 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Guangqing Du;  Feng Chen;  Qing Yang;  Xun Hou
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Bioinspired Wetting Surface via Femtosecond Laser Microfabrication 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Feng Chen
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Tm/Ho co-doped mode-locked fiber laser based on graphene deposited on D-shaped fiber 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Xiaohui Li;  Xuechao Yu;  Qi Jie Wang;  Zhiyu Yan
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Light detection and modulation in Graphene/metamaterial composite Structures 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Qin Chen;  Shichao Song
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The Study of The Electric-Optical Properties of The Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Doped Different Size of Nano-Ag 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Lin Chen;  Bin Zhang;  Jie Zhang;  Shu Guo Wang;  Hai TaoDai;  Haitao Dai
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Large area microchannel plate characterization system with a phosphor screen image readout 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Xing Wang;  Junqi Xie;  Marcel Demarteau;  Sagar Setru
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Photonic Topological Insulators in Atomic Ensembles 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Yiqi Zhang;  Milivoj Belic;  Yanpeng Zhang
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The precision of the ring laser gyroscope (RLG) with a nonplanar structure affected by the elliptical polarized light 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Dong Li;  Jianlin Zhao
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Terahertz Response of Graphene-Metamaterial Hybridization 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Xinlong Xu
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Experimental observation of Spin Hall Effect of vortex beams 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Yi Zhang;  Peng li;  Jianlin Zhao
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