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Double-shot optical sectioning microscopy with structured illumination 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Xing Zhou;  Dan Dan;  Ming Lei;  Jia Qian;  Baoli Yao;  Tong Ye;  Di Wu;  Yanlong Yang;  Runze Li;  Tong Peng
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Generation and three-dimensional characterization of nondiffracting optical beams 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Xianghua Yu;  Ming Lei;  Baoli Yao;  Runze Li;  Yansheng Liang;  Yanlong Yang;  Shaohui Yan
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A fast scanning camera system for light-sheet microscopy 会议论文
, Xi’an, China, 2014-09
Authors:  Di Wu;  Yanlong Yang;  Runze Li;  Xing Zhou;  Tong Peng;  Ming Lei;  Dan Dan;  Baoli Yao;  Tong Ye
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