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Effect of cation vacancies on the optical and dielectric properties of KSr2Nb5O15: A first-principles study 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 2020, 卷号: 103, 期号: 3, 页码: 1912-1926
Authors:  Chen, Qian;  Gao, Feng;  Xu, Jie;  Wu, Changying;  Cao, Shuyao;  Guo, Yiting;  Pawlikowska, Emilia;  Szafran, Mikolaj;  Cheng, Guanghua
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dielectric properties  first-principles theory  KSr2Nb5O15 lead-free ferroelectrics  optical properties  vacancies  
Photochromic effect of transparent lead-free ferroelectric KSr2Nb5O15 ceramics 期刊论文
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2019, 卷号: 39, 期号: 16, 页码: 5260-5266
Authors:  Cao, Shuyao;  Gao, Feng;  Xu, Jie;  Zhu, Jihong;  Chen, Qian;  Guo, Yiting;  Li, Leilei;  Liu, Junting;  Gao, Tong;  Pawlikowska, Emilia;  Szafran, Mikolaj;  Cheng, Guanghua
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Transparent ceramics  Photochromic effect  KSr2Nb5O15  
快速傅里叶变换在阿秒束线光路稳定控制中的应用 期刊论文
物理学报, 2019, 卷号: 68, 期号: 21
Authors:  江昱佼;  高亦谈;  黄沛;  赵昆;  许思源;  朱江峰;  方少波;  滕浩;  侯洵;  魏志义
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快速傅里叶变换  光路锁定  载波包络相位锁定  
Electronic structure and optical properties of La-doped KSr2Nb5O15: A first-principles investigation 期刊论文
CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 2019, 卷号: 45, 期号: 8, 页码: 9967-9976
Authors:  Chen, Qian;  Gao, Feng;  Xu, Jie;  Cao, Shuyao;  Guo, Yiting;  Cheng, Guanghua
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La-doped KSr2Nb5O15  First principles  Anisotropy  Electronic structure  Optical properties  Dielectric function  
High precision linear frequency modulation ranging system based on semiconductor laser 期刊论文
MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS B, 2018, 卷号: 32, 期号: 11
Authors:  Xue, Mingyuan;  Gao, Cunxiao;  Niu, Linquan;  Zhu, Shaolan;  Guo, Na;  Feng, Li;  He, Haodong;  Xue, MY (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Xian Inst Opt & Precis Mech, State Key Lab Transient Opt & Photon, Xian, Shaanxi, Peoples R China.
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Linear Modulation Frequency  Laser Ranging  Ranging Precision  
Ranging method based on linear frequency modulated laser 期刊论文
LASER PHYSICS, 2017, 卷号: 27, 期号: 6
Authors:  Guo, Na;  Gao, Cunxiao;  Xue, Mingyuan;  Niu, Linquan;  Zhu, Shaolan;  Feng, Li;  He, Haodong;  Cao, Zongying;  Gao, CX (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Xian Inst Opt & Precis Mech, Xian 710119, Shaanxi, Peoples R China.
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Linear Modulation Frequency  Fiber Laser  Ranging  
Yb-doped large-mode-area aluminosilicate laser fibre fabricated by chelate precursor doping technique 期刊论文
ELECTRONICS LETTERS, 2016, 卷号: 52, 期号: 23, 页码: 1942-U42
Authors:  Peng, Kun;  Wang, Zhen;  Zhan, Huan;  Ni, Li;  Gao, Cong;  Wang, Xiaolong;  Wang, Yuying;  Wang, Jianjun;  Jing, Feng;  Lin, Aoxiang;  Lin, Aoxiang (aoxiang.research@gmail.com)
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Ytterbium  Aluminium Compounds  Doping  Optical Fibre Fabrication  Optical Fibre Testing  Electron Probe Analysis  Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy  Laser Beams  Optical Fibre Amplifiers  Alsio:Yb  Power 1 Kw  Efficiency 81  0 Percent  Slope Efficiency  Laser Output  Two-stage Master Oscillator Power Amplifier System  Time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry  Electron Probe Microanalysis  Fibre Testing  Numerical Aperture  Homogeneous Large-core Preform  Gas Flow Control System  High-purity Materials  Chelate Precursor Doping Technique  Large Mode Area Aluminosilicate Laser Fibre  
Halide gas-phase-doping technique to fabricate large-mode-area laser fiber 会议论文
2015 11th Conference on Lasers and Electro;Optics Pacific Rim, CLEO;PR 2015, Busan, Korea, Republic of, 2015-08-24
Authors:  Peng, Kun;  Wang, Yuying;  Ni, Li;  Wang, Zhen;  Gao, Cong;  Zhan, Huan;  Wang, Jianjun;  Jing, Feng;  Lin, Aoxiang;  Lin, Aoxiang (aoxiang.research@gmail.com)
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Yb-doped LMA fiber fabrication using chelate precursor doping technique 会议论文
2015 11th Conference on Lasers and Electro;Optics Pacific Rim, CLEO;PR 2015, Busan, Korea, Republic of, 2015-08-24
Authors:  Wang, Zhen;  Gao, Cong;  Ni, Li;  Wang, Xiaolong;  Peng, Kun;  Wang, Yuying;  Zhan, Huan;  Wang, Jianjun;  Jing, Feng;  Lin, Aoxiang;  Lin, Aoxiang (aoxiang.research@gmail.com)
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Experimental investigation on laser performance of distributed side-pumping fiber amplifier 会议论文
2015 11th Conference on Lasers and Electro;Optics Pacific Rim, CLEO;PR 2015, Busan, Korea, Republic of, 2015-08-24
Authors:  Gao, Cong;  Ni, Li;  Wang, Xiaolong;  Wang, Yuying;  Wang, Zhen;  Peng, Kun;  Huang, Zhihua;  Wang, Jianjun;  Jing, Feng;  Lin, Aoxiang;  Lin, Aoxiang (aoxiang.research@gmail.com)
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Fiber Amplifiers